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LIGNIA Fire® achieves a 30-minute flame spread rating

LIGNIA Fire plaque

LIGNIA® Wood Company, a global manufacturer of modified timber products for the construction industry, achieved a Class A flame spread rating extended to 30 minutes for its LIGNIA Fire product. Independently tested according to ASTM E2768 it extends the test to 30 minutes following ASTM E84-20 methods.

LIGNIA Wood Company sources timber from FSC®-certified softwoods, and the wood then undergoes a unique modification process to turn it into ‘LIGNIA’. LIGNIA Fire, with its flame-retardant properties locked in at molecular level through the modification process, does not require surface coating or after-market applications of fire-retardance to achieve this rating, making LIGNIA Fire unique. As a result, it saves builders, contractors, architects, and customers time and money.

“As a new product in North America, we are so pleased that we achieved the flame spread in short order,” said Lisa Ayala, sales manager for North America at LIGNIA Wood Company. “It’s testament to our hardworking scientists and technical experts that all the hard work has come to fruition.”

“Recently recognized by Architizer, the prestigious online inspiration, and tools for architects site, LIGNIA Fire received a Special Mention in the 2020 A+Awards,” Ayala added. “Two wonderful achievements for LIGNIA Fire in 2020.”

A highly versatile and small movement wood product (reduced shrinking and swelling), LIGNIA Fire is a beautiful and durable timber suitable for various exterior and interior applications, including decking, siding, flooring, doors, and windows in varying climates.

All LIGNIA wood products — LIGNIA, LIGNIA Fire, and LIGNIA Yacht — are manufactured under the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ensuring all products are consistent in performance. After the modification process, LIGNIA wood matches or exceeds the performance of tropical hardwoods. They carry a 50-year above ground warranty against rot and decay and demonstrates high resistance to attack from subterranean termites.

LIGNIA wood products are available across North America through a network of independent distributors. 

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