Our products

We manufacture real wood products for the construction and marine industries, by modifying softwood so that it matches, or exceeds the properties and appearance of hardwoods. 

Whether you're looking for timber cladding, wood flooring, or real wood yacht decking, find the perfect LIGNIA product for you today. 

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Our products

LIGNIA wood gives you a sustainable and beautiful choice

If you work in the construction industry, you'll understand the importance of using quality products. LIGNIA wood delivers beauty, durability and stability. And it's 100% responsible, as all the timber we use in the process is FSC® certified, from forests with environmentally appropriate management. 

What's the science behind LIGNIA's modification?

We call our modification process, ‘ligniafication’. This involves the use of PUF resin which includes formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is naturally present in all wood and in all organic life forms (including humans!). Once the resin is cured during the ligniafication process, independent testing has shown formaldehyde is present in minute quantities. 

Our products

Real and sustainable wood for your yacht deck

LIGNIA Yacht is the high performance, sustainable timber for your yacht decking. Modified using high-quality quarter sawn softwood, we manufacture LIGNIA Yacht to deliver a superior product with greater strength, stability, density and durability. 

A rich-golden brown colour that resembles teak 

We understand the importance of having a real wood deck that looks beautiful on your boat. Our LIGNIA Yacht product shares a similar appearance to the traditional decking material of teak. LIGNIA Yacht can also be used for yacht interiors, bringing an elegant finish to any space. 


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LIGNIA has lots of uses and applications. Some of the most common are listed here.


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