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LIGNIA launches successfully in North America

LIGNIA launches in US

LIGNIA® Wood Company has just successfully launched its range of modified timber products in North America at the AWFS Fair at Las Vegas. The four-day show at the Las Vegas Convention Center is the largest exhibition of its kind in North America and draws in thousands of professional timber experts, millworkers and furniture makers.

The firm, which modifies FSC®-certified softwood into wood with the properties and appearance of hardwood, showcased its versatile LIGNIA and LIGNIA Fire products which are used for decking, flooring, cladding and many other applications. LIGNIA Fire is suitable for all types of millwork including flooring and sidings and is classified as Class A in the ASTM – E 84 standards for flame retardancy.”

LIGNIA also sponsored the Best Designed Student Chair at the Fresh Wood competition during the show, a highly popular event and was also a Finalist in the Visionary Product Awards at the Show.  The company hosted a popular live Q&A session hosted by renowned American timber consultant Criswell Davis.

Steve Rogers, LIGNIA's Commercial Director was at the show and reports that there was great interest among the visitors: “The show lasted for four days and every day was busy, we have developed many new contacts and established excellent relations with our US distributors who also attended.

Lisa Ayala has just joined LIGNIA as the company’s Sales Manager for North America and she feels very confident about the product launch into these large markets. “LIGNIA’s modified timber technology is perfect for the North America markets, especially with its small movement, durability, hardness and slip resistance. Our job is now to convey the competitive advantages that companies will have when they specify LIGNIA and LIGNIA Fire for their construction or millwork projects. It’s a very exciting time to be working in this field.”


Lisa Ayala being interviewed by Woodworking Network
Lisa Ayala being interviewed by Woodworking News


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