What is LIGNIA Yacht?

LIGNIA® Yacht is provided by our company, the LIGNIA Wood Company, based in the UK, and is the only wood proven durable and beautiful enough to replace Burmese teak in yacht decking. LIGNIA Yacht is the real thing, natural wood that has passed all the rigours of the harshest marine environments on the planet.

As a hard-working product, LIGNIA Yacht has been endorsed by one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of yacht decks, who works with it because it matches, and in some categories, exceeds the performance of Burmese teak. Unlike Burmese teak the supply of LIGNIA Yacht is entirely sustainable, legal and long-term and it delivers peace of mind for yacht builders and owners alike; with our product on a yacht legitimate environmental concerns regarding tropical rainforest deforestation are never an issue, which has got to be great news for the yacht industry and for the planet.


We source FSC Clear Grade Radiata Pine from sustainably-managed plantations. Through rigid grading standards we ensure our product has been carefully selected from slow-grown large diameter logs, which are then cut to produce quarter sawn material.

Manufactured through a unique and patent-pending process, LIGNIA Yacht is a high-performance modified timber which is delivered to you defect-free. The timber’s properties are enhanced to include greater durability against rot, stability, density and hardness and what’s more, has a rich golden- brown colour that resembles teak.



Its working properties include:

LIGNIA Yacht’s working properties

LIGNIA Yacht has undergone extensive testing through established and accredited test facilities in the UK, France, Germany and the USA, proving the product is a real wood alternative that has the endurance, beauty and flexibility to replace Burmese teak in yacht deck applications.

LIGNIA Yacht weighs no more than Burmese teak and this makes it an even more attractive and practical proposition for yacht builders and deck manufacturers.

  • Density through modification is increased to an average of 650kg/m improving mechanical properties

  • Exceptional weathering performance through accelerated weathering tests and extended five-year testing in extreme conditions, showing minimal levels of fading when exposed to high levels of UV and tropical storms

  • Less than 10% moisture content, kiln dried

  • Durability Class 1 (50 years minimum life against rot and fungal decay)

  • During sustained testing LIGNIA Yacht has superior bending properties that have surpassed those of Burmese teak in the manufacture of decks

  • Hardness is improved

  • Superior machining finish with minimal sanding required

  • Dimensional stability – small movement

  • Unlike the majority of chemical synthetic deck products, LIGNIA Yacht does not suffer from high surface temperatures

  • Supplied defect-free with good levels of colour consistency

LIGNIA Yacht VS The competition
Key benefits



LIGNIA Yacht is supplied defect-free, straight-grained with minimum grain deviation. It is available in the following dimensions:

Slow-grown, kiln-dried, quarter sawn deck strips:

  • 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 32mm thickness

  • 52mm, 63mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm widths

  • 1.8 – 3m lengths

  • 3.1 – 4m lengths

  • 4.1 – 6m lengths

  • Also available in custom-cut sizes


The LIGNIA Yacht brochure, Safety Data and Key Properties booklet can be downloaded here.