LIGNIA factory
Nigel Pompeus|
Feb 24, 2021
    Award-winning LIGNIA Wood Company has joined the well-known and official Made in Britain organisation. Made in Britain promotes UK manufacturing to the world and actively supports…
Alphabet soup
Brenda Collons|
Feb 3, 2021
  Making sense of an alphabet soup Wood is one of the most sustainable materials and one of the most important natural and renewable resources globally. Its use in buildings dates back to…
van steenberge
Nigel Pompeus |
Jan 27, 2021
  We are delighted to announce that we have signed a major distribution agreement with Hout-Bois van Steenberge. Based in Belgium, the non-exclusive agreement means Hout-Bois van…
LIGNIA ledger
Alice Morgan|
Jan 20, 2021
  Made in Wales. Built in California. We’re huge fans of this gorgeous ledge lounger, crafted in Northern California by Jeff Barratt Studio. Our FSC® certified LIGNIA wood has many uses but…
Tempe home
Alice Morgan|
Dec 10, 2020
  In the city of Tempe, Arizona, is a beautiful home which has recently been decked out with our LIGNIA modified wood. Used for the siding, ceiling and soffits, the warmth of the LIGNIA…
LIGNIA Fire in factory
Alice Morgan|
Nov 26, 2020
  Following on from a successful streak of award wins, we’re thrilled to announce that our fire-resistant modified wood product, LIGNIA Fire, has won another award in the US – this time, a…
Alice Morgan |
Nov 18, 2020
    Certified sustainable wood is wood sourced from responsibly managed forests. This means that the forest the wood is harvested from is maintained by stewards who ensure that the future…
Water on wood
Dr Morwenna Spear|
Oct 28, 2020
  One of the characteristics of wood that causes great confusion in practical use is moisture movement, or the shrinkage and swelling that occurs when wood takes up water or dries out. It…
Cottrell Park
Nigel Pompeus|
Oct 28, 2020
  Cottrell Park Golf Resort is set in an ancient and beautiful location in the Vale of Glamorgan, close to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. The Resort covers 400 acres and includes a 36…
LIGNIA flooring
Criswell Davis |
Oct 19, 2020
    Much has been written about biophilic design and how humans resonate with wood in their built environments. This resonance with wood reflects the connection between trees and humans.…