Health and Welfare of the LIGNIA Family


Here at LIGNIA, our staff are our biggest asset. When we meet potential candidates at their first interview, we let them know that investment in our team is part of our future success. Through the training opportunities we offer, our employees are able to enhance their personal development and acquire recognised qualifications. Every time someone new joins our LIGNIA family, we hope that they’ll want to be a part of the exciting journey we have ahead.

But it’s not just about what we can do for their career. The physical and mental wellbeing of our LIGNIA family members is a top priority.

As well as having 20% of our staff trained as Emergency First Aiders, we’ll soon be looking to appoint a trained Mental Health First Aider. Their role will be to signpost employees to the right resources to support them. Mental health issues affect both home and working life and the two can be very closely linked. There are 200 classified forms of mental illness; one in six people in the UK have mental health problems and one in four adults will experience them in some form during their lifetime. Scary stuff, isn’t it? And still, it’s a subject that people don’t feel happy talking about. It’s important as we grow that we have a diverse and healthy workforce. Whilst it’s easy to see someone’s physical health, their mental state is not so easy to determine. We hope to encourage all staff so they have the confidence to speak up about their mental health and support their fellow employees.




LIGNIA’s social events are not only a way of fundraising for our local charities – Ty Hafen and Amelia Trust Farm. They’re also about enjoying time together away from the work environment and meeting up with the friends and families of our own LIGNIA family.

We've organised summer barbecues, walked around the Brecon Beacons and we threw our first ever charity ball at the end of last year. 

We certainly hope the saying, “The family that plays together stays together” is true of our culture.

There are many easy ways people can improve their mental health, including:  

  • Mindfulness – A technique which helps you focus on what is happening in the present moment in your body, mind and surroundings
  • Exercise – Taking up a sport or visiting the gym can help improve your fitness as well as your mental health. Walking is the ideal activity to fit in on your lunchbreak. Weather permitting, getting outside the office environment and having a change of scenery for even 30 mins can make a difference.
  • Eating – Talking of lunch (mmmm), improving your diet may help to improve your mood, energy and help you think more clearly. It’s important to eat regular healthy meals and to wash them down with plenty of water.


Caroline Turner (Assoc. CIPD) is HR and Office Manager at LIGNIA Wood Company. 

Caroline Turner

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