LIGNIA Wood Company produces beautiful modified timber that starts out life as softwood. It is modified in our manufacturing plant and turned into a wood with all the beauty and performance of a hardwood. As a small movement timber, it’s particularly suitable for joinery or millwork projects, including the manufacture of doors, cupboards, windows, tables and worktops.

As a joinery product, LIGNIA is provided with a 50-year warranty against rot and fungal decay in above ground applications. It also provides increased stability, density and hardness through its enhanced properties. LIGNIA is pH neutral which means that it is not corrosive and standard steel fixings can be used without causing corrosion to the metal.

Specifying LIGNIA modified wood for joinery projects ensures you are using wood from a sustainable source. In order to keep stocks of tropical hardwoods flourishing around the world, we use radiata pine from FSC®-certified managed plantations. This means that the wood we source for all of our products is legal as well as sustainable and every piece we use can be traced back to its origins. 

All of our LIGNIA modified wood undergoes independent testing in the UK, France, Germany and North America as we believe in delivering a premium, quality product.

If you're looking for modified wood for joinery projects, LIGNIA is the ideal choice. 

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