Alphabet soup
Brenda Collons|
Feb 3, 2021
  Making sense of an alphabet soup Wood is one of the most sustainable materials and one of the most important natural and renewable resources globally. Its use in buildings dates back to…
LIGNIA flooring
Criswell Davis |
Oct 19, 2020
    Much has been written about biophilic design and how humans resonate with wood in their built environments. This resonance with wood reflects the connection between trees and humans.…
Dr Bronia Stefanowski|
Sep 7, 2020
    On the 9th and 10th of September, the virtual doors opened to Timber 2020. Timber 2020 is hosted by the Wood Technology Society who aim to broaden timber-based knowledge and improve…
biophilic design
Criswell Davis|
Feb 24, 2020
  At LIGNIA, we’re proud to work with timber experts who are renowned within the industry. We’ve recently partnered with Criswell Davis, American hardwood expert and TEDxDayton presenter to…
stacked wood
Dr Daniel Ridley-Ellis|
Feb 21, 2020
    The physical and mechanical properties of wood vary greatly - not just between species, but within - from forest to forest, between trees of the same forest and even within a single tree…
Dr Andy Pitman|
Feb 17, 2020
We are surrounded by wooden structures of all ages, shapes and sizes. From the ancient temples of Japan and oak framed medieval buildings of Europe constructed from intricately jointed timbers…