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East Riding Leisure Bridlington, built in 2016, is a large council-run leisure centre open to the general public in Yorkshire, England.  The centre is equipped with a 25-metre swimming pool, state of the art gym, saunas and a large range of health and fitness facilities for East Riding’s residents and visitors.

It is directly sea-facing and so is constantly exposed to the type of weather associated with a sometimes-harsh coastal environment.  LIGNIA was specified for the exterior cladding of the new build in 2016 and the perimeter fencing. There was a specification that there should be no coating on the wood used, to allow for natural silvering. The LIGNIA wood used was random grain (also known as ‘flat sawn’) and was used for both traditional vertical cladding and for the underside of the roof overhang.


2016 vs 2019 

We revisited Bridlington Leisure Centre in 2019 to see how the wood had weathered on the coast. 

Here you can see the difference three years has made. 

The wood is still in great condition despite no coating being used to protect it. 

Bridlington 2016 vs 2019









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