What is Certified Sustainable Wood?




Certified sustainable wood is wood sourced from responsibly managed forests.

This means that the forest the wood is harvested from is maintained by stewards who ensure that the future of the forest is stable. For instance, for every tree cut down, more could be planted in its place.

As well as sustaining the forest for future generations, the management also take care to ensure that certain areas are protected, in order to preserve rare animals and plants. The rights of indigenous people are also protected with sacred sites in the forest exempt from felling.

Deforestation is a major issue that affects populations worldwide. Every six seconds, tropical rainforest the size of a football pitch was destroyed in 2019 due to fires or logging.[1]

Unfortunately, this means that we are losing crucial natural resources and trees that are potentially centuries-old. As well as wood being an essential resource for local people, the environmental impact of deforestation can be devastating.

When trees are burned, the carbon they have stored inside them is released, emitting the gas back into the atmosphere and contributing to global warming. The continual replanting of trees on certified sustainable plantations means that there is an abundance of trees to remove the carbon from the atmosphere and provide an ecosystem for wildlife to thrive in.



What difference can you make?

By choosing certified sustainable wood, you will be supporting the future of the forest for many generations.

You will also be buying products from a reputable source, ensuring that no illegal trading has taken place.

At LIGNIA®, we only use wood sourced from FSC® certified plantations. FSC is a global organisation, dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.

All of our LIGNIA products are created from sustainable radiata pine which is then modified to replicate the properties of a hardwood species.

After modification, our LIGNIA products have Class 1 durability, meaning that they also have a longer service life, reducing the demand for more timber to be produced.


How do you know what you’re buying is certified sustainable?


Look for the FSC symbol on the products you buy to check whether the material used is sourced sustainably. We’re proud to use the FSC logo on all of our stock and to be contributing to a world where forests are maintained for future generations to enjoy.

[1] Football pitch-sized area of tropical rainforest lost every six seconds - https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jun/02/football-pitch-area-tropical-rainforest-lost-every-six-seconds
Alice Morgan

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