We've joined the Water Revolution Foundation



Towards the end of 2019, we were absolutely delighted to announce that we had joined the Water Revolution Foundation as a Corporate Partner, one of the first companies to do so. Water Revolution Foundation aims to neutralise the footprint of the yachting industry and preserve the world’s oceans. It is the first independent, international non-profit organisation that works to drive sustainability within the superyacht industry. As the manufacturer of LIGNIA Yacht, the sustainable real-wood alternative to Burmese teak, we found many of our values aligned.

Due to the impact that superyachts can have on the environment, Water Revolution Foundation is working with influential bodies in the marine industry who can help them to realise their ambition of preserving the world’s precious oceans. Unfortunately, it’s not just the fuel that superyachts typically use which contributes to climate change. The use of non-renewable materials to build the boat as well as the conundrum of what to do with the yacht at end-of-life pose numerous issues.



We were impressed with the drive and passion that the Water Revolution Foundation has towards increasing sustainability and collaborating with others in the industry to do so.

It matched our own desire to help the marine industry by providing a teak alternative, LIGNIA Yacht, for yacht decking and interiors. LIGNIA Yacht is modified timber which starts its life on FSC® certified softwood plantations. Our wood is harvested like a crop at just 22 years old, minimising the need for tropical hardwoods to be chopped down at 50+ years old. In this way, we can continue to supply yacht builders and deck manufacturers with a sustainable real wood product that performs – and even exceeds, in some areas – the traditional deck of choice, teak.


But we are just one small part of a bigger picture. The drastic need for change in the industry can only be brought about by those within it who acknowledge the need for a more sustainable future. Water Revolution Foundation is driving this in many ways; with a new software tool designed to measure a yacht’s impact on the climate, with educational programmes to bring more awareness to the marine sector and by monitoring the most impactful conservation projects to restore the oceans. We couldn’t be more proud to support such a wonderful cause and we’re excited to continue working closely with the organisation to bring about a real sense of change in the superyacht industry.
Alice Morgan

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