Spirit Yachts launch Spirit 44CR (E) with LIGNIA Yacht deck




The stunning Spirit 44CR (E) was launched at the beginning of September, complete with a sustainable LIGNIA Yacht deck.

Both elegant and classic, the Spirit 44CR (E) retains the signature Spirit style, but is fully kitted out with the latest eco-friendly materials.

Created for an eco-conscious customer, the boat is laid with our beautiful LIGNIA Yacht decks which are created from sustainable radiata pine, as well as carrying solar panels and running off electricity, rather than conventional diesel fuel. With no hydrocarbons onboard, the yacht is set to make a real splash in the boating world, paving the way for future eco-friendly vessels.



Nigel Stuart, Managing Director of Spirit Yachts, says:

‘The yacht’s owner has previously had an electric drive yacht, so he is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to eco-friendly technology and its capabilities. He is extremely passionate about living sustainably onboard, which has allowed us to be bold with innovation and custom solutions.

‘The lack of hydrocarbons and the addition of solar panelled deck and main sail has allowed us to take a step closer towards creating a completely sustainable yacht.’

Head designer at Spirit Yachts, Sean McMillan, commented:

‘From afar, the Spirit 44E looks like any other Spirit sailing yacht.

'Low freeboards, long overhands, flush decks and the timeless beauty of quality wooden craftsmanship.

'Up close, she displays signs of the sailing yachts of the future.’

What is LIGNIA Yacht?

The LIGNIA Yacht wood used on the boat is FSC® certified and sourced from sustainable plantations.

Our grading process ensures only the best cuts of quarter sawn softwood are modified in our manufacturing plant.

Once modified, the wood becomes a high-performing timber that loses none of its natural warmth and beauty. It is often mistaken for the traditional timber of choice – teak - due to its appealing aesthetic but LIGNIA Yacht outperforms the hardwood in areas such as durability and hardness.


LIGNIA x Spirit Yachts

We are proud that Spirit Yachts have taken the decision to use LIGNIA Yacht on all their standard yacht decks and to say that we are part of their contribution to a more sustainable way of sailing.

You can watch what Nigel Stuart has to say about our product in this short video.

All photos courtesy of Spirit Yachts. 

Alice Morgan

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