LIGNIA’s versatility displayed in stunning ledge lounger



Made in Wales. Built in California.

We’re huge fans of this gorgeous ledge lounger, crafted in Northern California by Jeff Barratt Studio.

Our FSC® certified LIGNIA wood has many uses but this is the first time we’ve seen it used for a project that will be almost continuously submerged underwater in an outdoor pool.



Small movement timber

Specified for its small movement properties, LIGNIA is the perfect modified wood to be used in water application.

The Epoxy glue-laminated frame shows exquisite craftsmanship from the architect, Jeffrey Barratt who told us that the LIGNIA wood machined well, received the Epoxy coating application well and sanded to a smooth finish.


LIGNIA Guarantee

We pride ourselves on the natural warmth of our LIGNIA products which give architectural projects a beautiful finish.

This colour will withstand the UV rays of the Californian sun for a substantial amount of time too as our LIGNIA wood has Class 1 durability.

Our 50-year warranty against rot and fungal decay in above ground applications as well as the wood’s high durability against termites means the owner can truly lay back and relax knowing that the ledger can be used for many years to come.

LIGNIA is available globally, including through leading US distributors.

Alice Morgan

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