LIGNIA Yacht specified for Baltic Yachts Café Racer




We’re delighted to announce that our award-winning LIGNIA Yacht product will be used for the deck of the new, eco-friendly Café Racer from Baltic Yachts. Built for semi-series production, the first 68-footer boat will be delivered in the summer of 2021.

Eagerly anticipated from customers, the newest yacht to be unveiled by Baltic Yachts will be constructed with the most innovative and sustainable products on the market, including a 30kW electric propulsion unit which reduces its emissions to nearly zero as well as air conditioning powered by solar panels. Baltic Yachts’ Executive Vice President, Henry Hawkins says, “Baltic Yacht has been reacting to customer demand and we’ve been working on the details of this exciting Café Racer since last year. Our desire and ability to adapt to the technical demands of an eco-friendly yacht have resulted in an extremely exciting product.”

The Café Racer will no doubt be a game-changer within the industry, with no use of fossil fuels, no noise pollution and the use of sustainable materials throughout.

LIGNIA Yacht was chosen for the ‘beautifully laid decks’ of the new Café Racer due to its sustainable credentials as well as its Class 1 durability. Sourced from FSC®-certified plantations, our timber is 100% legal and responsible, ensuring clarity of provenance as well as environmentally appropriate management.

Once modified, the wood performs as well as a hardwood, comparable to teak. Independent testing has proven that LIGNIA Yacht even outperforms other wood species in some areas, including durability. The timber lasts longer so boat builders are able to reduce deck thickness and save weight, which in turn reduces the amount of fuel used.

LIGNIA Yacht also comes with a 50-year warranty against rot and fungal decay as we’re certain its durability is sure to hold up for years.



Due to its natural warmth and beauty, LIGNIA Yacht adds a gorgeous finish to any boat and we’re sure it will compliment the contemporary look of the Café Racer when it is built, with the assurance of being a 100% sustainable material.

Alice Morgan

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