LIGNIA presents at Timber 2020




On the 9th and 10th of September, the virtual doors opened to Timber 2020.

Timber 2020 is hosted by the Wood Technology Society who aim to broaden timber-based knowledge and improve networking between academia and industry professionals.

Visitors to the online event were able to view presentations on topics such as timber structures, visualisation, wood modification, circular economy and resource efficiency.

We enjoyed meeting people from a wide range of backgrounds, including academics, industry experts and those in the commercial sector.



LIGNIA presents...

This year, I presented on the modified properties of our LIGNIA wood.

As the conference was online, we were able to show a number of videos around our procedures. Plus, we were able to demonstrate how the independent testing carried out on LIGNIA proves it to be a highly durable, fire resistant and small movement product. Two students LIGNIA support also presented their work - they've been working at LIGNIA as part of their PhD and Master's degrees. 

Members of our R&D team have worked with members of the Wood Technology Society – I’m a board member of the group and our Dr Andy Pitman has also been involved for a number of years.


A Great Success

Having the conference online allowed for more speakers, more time for networking and the ability to watch on-demand. And it was all from the comfort of our own homes!

The conference is always attended by some of the best and well-known individuals in the UK’s timber industry, so it really is one of the best conferences to get to know people and learn about the latest developments in timber technology and research.

Dr Bronia Stefanowski

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