LIGNIA Podcasts launched




LIGNIA is pleased to launch its own series of original podcasts which can be found on Apple, Spotify, Podcast Addict and plenty of other platforms, plus they can all be found on www.lignia.com too. These podcasts are aimed at architects, woodworkers such as joiners and millworkers, designers and anyone who works with timber for a living.





The podcasts will include a deliberately eclectic mix of practical ‘how-to’ discussions.

These will range from, among others, our own woodworking experts, timber scientists talking about environmental issues and a wide range of timber experts from both the US and UK. Leading scientists and timber experts in the US and UK have signed up to contribute already.


The latest LIGNIA podcasts can be found here:  https://www.lignia.com/podcasts


Lots to discuss!

Nigel Pompeus, LIGNIA's Head of Marketing explains why LIGNIA is doing this: “Millions of people in the construction sector around the world listen to podcasts, often using a mobile device, and we have plenty to contribute about wood, the environment and construction.

There are currently several LIGNIA podcasts up already, all recorded in the States by our Lisa Ayala, with several more already recorded and going through editing.”

Nigel Pompeus

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