LIGNIA clads the beautiful SYMBI Homes project in US




Construction has begun on the all-new SYMBI HOMES project in Mount Rainier, MD, which includes our sustainable LIGNIA and LIGNIA Fire products.

With a high focus on wellness, energy-efficiency, and technology, the pilot project aims to bring multi-family dwellings to traditional single-family zones to help address housing shortages and affordability.

Our award-winning LIGNIA Fire will feature as part of the sustainable home’s siding (cladding), while our beautiful standard LIGNIA wood will be used for the decking area.


Sustainable wood for siding


Our emphasis on sustainability aligns perfectly with SYMBI HOMES, making the project a match made in heaven.

Sourced from FSC® certified plantations, both LIGNIA products are made from responsibly-managed radiata pine trees.

Maintaining the wood’s natural warmth and beauty, the pine is modified into LIGNIA wood to strengthen it and give it Class 1 durability for long-term use.

As well as using LIGNIA wood, the new home will also include air and water filtration, structural insulated panels, and ongoing home performance monitoring to ensure the building is energy efficient.

The aim is to achieve a minimum 50% reduction in energy consumption than a typical new build.

Lisa Ayala, LIGNIA Sales Manager for North America, says:

“We are thrilled to be working with SYMBI HOMES to bring a new approach to sustainable home building. LIGNIA and LIGNIA Fire align with the SYMBI’s design principles ensuring balance between form and function, beauty, craftsmanship, and durability.”

Modified wood with fire retardancy built-in


Our LIGNIA Fire product, which will feature as part of the home’s siding, is created with built-in fire retardancy properties in order to prevent flame spread.

Our most recent independent testing achieved an ASTM E2768 Class A flame spread rating, extended to 30 minutes – a testament to LIGNIA Fire’s high performance.

With no need for additional fire-resistant treatments, LIGNIA Fire is available to use as soon as it arrives at the construction site, saving both time and money.

Watch the video to learn more about SYMBI HOMES and look out for our regular updates as this sustainable project progresses.

Images kindly supplied by SYMBI HOMES

Alice Morgan

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