LIGNIA clads beautiful Arizona home



In the city of Tempe, Arizona, is a beautiful home which has recently been decked out with our LIGNIA modified wood.

Used for the siding, ceiling and soffits, the warmth of the LIGNIA wood complements the property, providing an inviting entrance to the home.


Wood for the future

Working with one of our distributors in the US - Hardwoods Specialty Products - Nasha Construction took the project on, using their expertise to craft a stunning exterior to the residential property.

Nasha Construction commented that the 2000sqft of LIGNIA wood used accepted coating very well and machines well too.

LIGNIA is responsibly sourced from FSC® certified plantations, making it a sustainable choice over traditional hardwoods.

Graded to include minimal defects, LIGNIA retains a beautiful, rich colour, adding a natural warmth to any building.


A 50 year guarantee

A small movement timber with Class 1 durability, LIGNIA will endure for years to come, leaving the homeowners to enjoy their property without having to worry about replacing the wood.

For additional peace of mind, LIGNIA also comes with a 50-year warranty against rot and fungal decay in above ground applications.

Alice Morgan

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