Amelia Trust Farm use LIGNIA wood to make a smart entrance



Nestled in the rolling hills of the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales sits a local charity farm that is very close to our heart.

Amelia Trust Farm provides therapeutic support to disadvantaged and vulnerable people in a Care Farm setting.

This can include young people who struggle in mainstream education due to abuse and neglect as well as adults with learning disabilities. No one is excluded at Amelia Trust Farm with the area also open to the public all year round.

We have supported the charity for a number of years, organising raffles, charity walks and a LIGNIA Ball to raise funds. But this time, we decided to help out in a more practical way.

Amelia Trust Farm

The Project

The driveway to the farm was in need of safety posts to mark the road and we were more than happy to donate our wood for the project.

LIGNIA can be painted in exactly the same way as other timbers so there was no need for the team to seek out expensive specialist supplies to mark the posts.

The timber will last a lifetime too with our 50-year warranty in above ground applications, giving the team at the farm total peace of mind.



The Result

The driveway is now marked clearly and the LIGNIA wood used provides a smart entranceway to welcome the farm’s guests. Our environmentally friendly, non-toxic timber is a perfect fit for a charity that loves the great outdoors and all it has to offer.

Gabriella Gardner, Marketing and Fundraising Officer, says: 

"We are a registered charity who rely heavily on donations so we can't thank LIGNIA enough for their donation and the work they have done at the Farm. When our young people, visitors and volunteers come to the Farm, they find the outdoor spaces and our animals very therapeutic. We have seen the lives of many transformed through our work. 

"The new posts that LIGNIA has donated will make such a difference to our Farm and will mean that it's a lot safer when people arrive and drive down our driveway."

Neil Hardy, Resident Caretaker/Site Manager, says: 

"Community is at the heart of Amelia Trust Farm. We always try to keep things local, so the relationship with LIGNIA felt perfect from the very first phone call and has blossomed since. 

"Some time ago, I was short on essential timber. One quick phone call and 24 hours later, I was provided with an industrial size batch of 2 x 4 and a pack of 6 x 1. This timber has been essential in so many repairs around the farm from driveway posts to alpaca housing, from fence repairs to new benches, saving us thousands in the process. And with the timber being of such high quality, it will save on labour in the long term."

As one of our official charities, we are always pleased to support such a worthwhile cause, whether it’s through fundraising or donations of our materials.

If you’d like to donate to the Amelia Trust Farm, just hit the green button.

Alice Morgan

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