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LIGNIA Yacht is the proven real wood alternative to Burmese teak in the yacht deck world

If you work in the yacht-manufacturing world then you will be familiar with the on-going debate about the use of Burmese teak for yacht decking. For centuries, teak from Burma, known as the ‘King of Wood’, has been the wood of choice for navies and yacht builders alike. For various reasons, including cost and environmental issues there is now a pressing need for a sustainable real wood alternative to Burmese teak.

LIGNIA Yacht is the environmental and sustainable alternative to teak in yacht decking. It is manufactured for yacht decks and also for the wood used inside the yacht, including flooring, cladding and joinery. We source the wood used to manufacture LIGNIA Yacht from FSC®-certified softwood plantations and we grade it carefully before modification to ensure that it has minimal visual defects. The result is a high-performance modified timber whose working properties are enhanced to include greater durability against rot and increased stability density and hardness. Classified as a small movement timber, LIGNIA Yacht also has a golden-rich colour that resembles teak.


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