Brockamin Pools, Worcestershire, UK

The fishery at Brockamin is privately-owned and is located in the Worcestershire countryside in England, a place of natural beauty and tranquillity. It consists of several interconnected lakes surrounded by woodlands and nature walks.  For a long time, fishing folk have had a choice of over 65 concrete jetties on which to stand or sit while fishing, mainly for the lakes’ prized carp. But as time has passed the jetties have needed to be updated and reinforced. LIGNIA was the natural choice for this.

So, LIGNIA supplied perfectly-measured decking to fit over the jetties, allowing fishermen and women (and their families) to sit or stand in comfort and safety. Being LIGNIA, the wood is highly durable and due to its small movement properties there is no danger of the wood being affected by water.  The decks were pre-assembled and simply laid over the existing jetties.


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