LIGNIA is highly versatile and easy to work with – here are some of the more common applications.

cladding tower bridge


One Tower Bridge, Central London

One Tower Bridge is a prestigious development offering luxury five-star living by the banks of the Thames in London. The site, completed in 2017, consists of luxury apartments, a theatre, gymnasium, swimming pool, and commercial and retail sites, along with break-taking views of some of London’s most famous sites.


Decking - rift sawn

Brockamin Pools, Worcestershire, UK

The fishery at Brockamin is privately-owned and is located in the Worcestershire countryside in England, a place of natural beauty and tranquillity. It consists of several interconnected lakes surrounded by woodlands and nature walks.  For a long time, fishing folk have had a choice of over 65 concrete jetties on which to stand or sit while fishing, mainly for the lakes’ prized carp. But as time has passed the jetties have needed to be updated and reinforced. LIGNIA was the natural choice for this.



Nobody does flooring quite like LIGNIA

LIGNIA is highly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in flooring. Categorised as a small movement timber, LIGNIA performs outstandingly as a real wood material of choice, and its durability means that it provides all of the advantages of wood as a construction material with none of the age-old drawbacks such as large movement, rot and fungal decay.

Watts 3

Yacht Decking

LIGNIA Yacht is the proven real wood alternative to Burmese teak in the yacht deck world

If you work in the yacht-manufacturing world then you will be familiar with the on-going debate about the use of Burmese teak for yacht decking. For centuries, teak from Burma, known as the ‘King of Wood’, has been the wood of choice for navies and yacht builders alike. For various reasons, including cost and environmental issues there is now a pressing need for a sustainable real wood alternative to Burmese teak.



LIGNIA is ideal for joinery projects

LIGNIA produces beautiful modified timber that starts out life as softwood from FSC®-certified managed plantations. It is then modified in our manufacturing plant and turned into a wood with all the beauty and performance of a hardwood. As a small movement timber, it’s particularly suitable for joinery or millwork projects, including the manufacture of doors, cupboards, windows, tables and worktops.