Why Lignia?

LIGNIA is real wood that starts its life in FSC® certified softwood plantations (FSC® C007915). Through our unique manufacturing process we modify it into a highly versatile  wood with all the beauty and performance of hardwoods, engineered to last a lifetime.  Specifying LIGNIA means that fewer hardwood trees need to be cut down in rainforests, so it’s the clear sustainable choice.


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Our products

LIGNIA is the high-performance modified timber produced in the UK for architects, designers and builders in the construction world. It is highly-durable real wood that delivers beauty and sustainability through a unique modification process. We produce LIGNIA in the UK with full availability all year round via distributors all over the world. 

LIGNIA has many applications including decking, cladding, flooring and joinery. It is performance tested by leading technical bodies around the world who have confirmed its Class 1 durability, small movement attributes, high density and resistance to termite attack.

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Our products

LIGNIA Yacht is the only wood proven durable and beautiful enough to replace Burmese teak in yacht decking and is available now from approved distributors.  LIGNIA Yacht is the real thing, natural wood that has passed all the rigours of the harshest marine environments on the planet.

Watch Nigel Stuart of Spirit Yachts talk about why LIGNIA was chosen for the deck of the Spirit 50CR. 


Where to buy

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We are the manufacturers of LIGNIA and we sell through established distribution partners around the world who are listed here. If you are in a region or country that isn’t listed here please contact us.